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We specialize working with people just like you to provide solutions to their Real Estate problems. We offer multiple solutions to common problems so that you can choose the answer that works for you.

Whether you have equity in your house and just need to sell quickly, or you have no equity and are about to lose your home.

"Sometimes Bad Things Happen
to GOOD People"

You may need to sell your house because you:
  • are making payments on a home they are not living in...
  • are moving and don't have time to wait for offers...
  • can't sell because their home is not in perfect shape...
  • are behind on their mortgage and facing foreclosure or bankruptcy...
  • inherited a home they won't live in and don't want to pay for...
  • are tired of being a landlord and want to get out...

    Although we typically work with people who are in a MUST SELL situation, we can also help when you have been trying to sell your home conventionally but you are not satisfied with the results you are getting with a realtor or trying to sell your home By Owner.

    We buy houses in any condition or price range, whether you have some equity to work with or not. We can provide you with an offer customized to your particular situation.

  • We SELL Houses!
    Home Ownership Made Easy!

    We have properties available for both investors & retail home buyers.

    We are able to sell many of our homes with Owner Financing which means you don't need to qualify for a Bank Loan in order to move into your new home.

    Home Ownership through Owner Financing

    You don't have to have experienced bankruptcy or a foreclosure to have credit challenges. Why should you let that stop you from attaining the new home that you know you deserve. With steady employment and a little money in the bank, you could qualify for that home in the part of town you want to live in.

    Self-employed people have been in an unfair position for years. They have ventured out into the world of free enterprise to contribute to the economy, but the credit score does not show their true credit worthiness, leaving many unable to purchase a home of their own.

    With our Owner Finance Program, we reward those who make a positive contribution to the economy with the credit that they deserve. Stop renting! It's time for small business owners to own their own homes.